Attract Your Soulmate Workshop

Attract Your Soul Mate

Workshop to Attract Lasting Love Relationship


Kathleen and Jim

Are you looking for love in all the wrong places?

Wonder why you attract the "wrong" partner –
over and over again?

Feel like you need a miracle?

Unconditional Love and Relationship – one area in life in which we all so deeply yearn for fulfillment and yet we were never taught the rules!

Uncover the secrets for lasting love in:

Attracting Your SoulMate Workshop Intensive
Presented by Kathleen Sims C.H.T., C.R.C

If you are ready to attract the love of your life and:

This workshop is for you and it will change your life.

Dear Seekers,

If life is not turning out equal to you your dreams then consider trying something different. That is what I did. After 30 years of marriage, and on the verge of divorce, I woke up to the realization that I could leave my husband, but I would be taking myself with me, with all my habits, beliefs and behaviors. I realized that if I left him there was the possibility I would create a similar scenario in my life again in the future. I needed something radically different. So I asked a handful of successful and happy friends, if anyone knew of someone who could help me view life differently without all the ineffective psycho-analysis (been there, done that).

That is when I heard about the work of Kathleen Sims. She is not a guru or a person with the answers. She is, however, a person who listens very carefully helps you heal your past and Guides you in techniques of discernment and empowerment.

I have been given new skills and tools that have changed my life for the better. My husband and I both worked with Kathleen one on one and participated in her powerful workshops. My marriage is at a new depth of love and respect. My life is far more balanced and less demanding. And I have lost weight, not by dieting, but by honoring myself in a new way. Now, every day I am grateful, feel happy and very blessed.

So, the question is, "Are you ready to create a life bursting with new possibilities?" Then I highly recommend Kathleen, her Workshops, and working one-on-one with her – and most of all, her powerful ability to hold you in the space of love while guiding and empowering you in transforming your life.

Susan Duling

During our weekend together, you will uncover the values you most want to attract and learn the power of embodying them yourself. You'll discover how relationship will become the vehicle for spirituality, depth and meaning in your every day life.

"I first took the workshop, created and led by my dear friend Kathleen Sims, about 20 years ago ... By the end of the weekend, I had created several visions I wanted to create for the future days ahead. Among my many visions was to find my Soul Mate.

Several years later ... I got out my old manual from the workshop, and there were the visions I had written down for myself. I had not gone back before that and revisited what I had written. I was amazed to find that all of the visions I had written down that weekend had come true. And, the grandest of them all is that I had met my now husband of 18 years, and he is absolutely my SoulMate ... I know that the beginning of that creation was the weekend workshop.

I am a true believer that we draw to us what we want. Being in Kathleen's workshop was the perfect place for me to ask for what I wanted, and then clear away any beliefs that kept me from having that. I asked and it was given, and I am forever grateful for the love, guidance and support from Kathleen. She will always be a very dear friend of mine."

Doreen Marino

We'll nurture your soul so that you can begin to heal your heart and open to the love you so deserve. This will lead to the Portal where your SoulMate is waiting – will you be there to meet your SoulMate?

Most of my clients feel that decoding the mystery of how to attract everlasting love in their life is priceless — and it is! The Weekend Intensive is just $597

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The next Attracting Your Soulmate Workshop will be announced soon.

Stay informed! As soon as the Workshop dates are announced, we will send you an email. Just let me know you are interested by sending a quick email to Kathleen Sims.

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Facilitated by Kathleen E. Sims
Certified Relationship and Life Coach
D.D., C.H.T., C.R.C.

Kathleen is the founder of the Center for Conscious Relationship and, offering revolutionary programs and workshops, teleseminars, audios and books. Her work is mystical, yet practical, and promotes permanent change. She is a sought after speaker, teacher, author, mentor, spiritual healer, and an authority on the Law of Attraction and beyond.

Kathleen answered her Calling and passionately helps others discover their Authentic voice, claim their birthright of living their Soul's Purpose, and manifest True Love that promises to last a lifetime.

Center for Conscious Relationship, serves singles and couples, offering Counseling, Soul Healing Therapy, Coaching and Spiritually-based Transformational Seminars. The Center is located in Pleasant Hill, California.